Kathleen McCarty

Broken Yet Blessed

God’s Flashlights and Headlights

Have you ever considered what life would be like without the aide of lighting in order for us to see in the dark – headlights that help us keep our cars on the roads at night so we can safely reach our destination; flashlights that help us navigate through our homes when the power goes out so that we don’t stumble into something and hurt ourselves; lamps that light up a room when the sun sets so that we can extend our time of being awake and productive?

The Bible tells us that God’s Word is a lamp to our feet and a light to our path (Ps 119:105) In other words, when we read the Word of God and do the things that it tells us to do, God promises that we will have a clearer sense of the direction of our lives and how to best accomplish the plans and purposes He has for our lives.

The Bible is not only rich in wisdom and insight, but also in warning and admonition. God’s word acts like flashlights and headlights when we’re trying to get from one place to another without any harm or danger befalling us. When you have a difficult decision to make, or you need a clearer sense of the next step for your life, God promises that His Word will guide you and direct you each and every step of the way (Ps 37:23).