Kathleen McCarty

Broken Yet Blessed

God’s Plan

Do you feel like most of your days and many of your nights are so jam-packed with commitments and responsibilities that you’re no longer sure if you’re coming or going? Do you fall into bed at night in utter exhaustion, only to wake up the next morning and start the craziness all over again?

Sometimes the distractions and busyness of life get us off course from fulfilling God’s true purposes and plans for our lives. The Bible tells us that God does, in fact, have a plan for our lives – and it’s a plan that not only is good, and rich with promises and hope, but a plan that will not bring harm to us.

We can make plans, we can even make lists to stay on track for our plans, but if we’re not pursuing God’s plans and purposes, we’ll be wasting our time and energy staying busy while being off course.

Scripture tells us to keep our eyes fixed straight ahead, not to look to the left or to the right, but to commit to the Lord whatever we do and our plans will succeed (Prov 16:3). What God is trying to tell us is that if we’re willing to do things God’s way, the distractions of life won’t interfere with us accomplishing what He’s got planned for us. And God’s plans are not only good, they’re the best.

You may still find yourself incredibly busy. You may still find yourself falling into bed at night thoroughly exhausted, but the difference will be that you’ll also find yourself living with a deep sense of satisfaction and contentment that can only come from knowing you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be – in the heart and center of God’s will. Trust me when I tell you, “There’s no better place to be!”