Kathleen McCarty

Broken Yet Blessed

He Did the Impossible

Most of us have seen Cecil B DeMille’s movie rendition of the Exodus. In the movie Charlton Heston portrays Moses. And who could forget the scene where Moses and the Israelites are trapped with the Red Sea in front of them and Pharoah’s army on their heels in hot pursuit.

In that moment Moses and his band of travelers had two choices. They could turn around, admit defeat and be taken back into slavery to Pharoah OR they could press forward and believe what God was telling them – that if they trusted Him, He would do the impossible.

According to the Bible account, that’s exactly what God did. He did the impossible. He parted the sea so that the Israelites could get to the other side, and just as Pharoah and His army began to pass through the parted waters, the sea came back together and killed them all.

Have you ever felt like you were between the proverbial rock and hard place? You can’t seem to move forward with your life, but you certainly can’t and don’t want to go back?

The Bible tells us that God will make a way where there seems to be no way, that He will put a roadway in the wilderness and water in the desert (Is 43:19). In other words, when we trust God while we’re in that tight place, He’ll provide whatever it is we most need in order to move forward with our lives. After all, no impediment is too big for God; no enemy is more powerful than He; and no past can hinder our future when we’ve committed ourselves and our future into His keeping. Remember, He’s the God who parted the Red Sea to make a way for the children of Israel. He will part the “sea of difficulties” for you, as well.