Kathleen McCarty

Broken Yet Blessed

Indulge in the Word

Today, more than ever, there’s  a great deal of recognition of and emphasis on the importance of the kinds and quality of the foods we put into our bodies. We know that transfats can wreak havoc with our cholesterol levels. Too high of cholesterol levels can lead to stroke or heart attack. The massive amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners we consume regularly are leading to increased numbers and earlier ages of Type II diabetes, and increases inflammation in the body, the source of many diseases. Many of the foods we consume have addictive properties and leave us feeling full for the moment, but not necessarily satisfied. Sadly, there’s an entire industry built on the cravings we have for certain addictive and ultimately harmful foods.

On the other side of the equation, however, we also know that eating fresh fruits and veggies, lean meats, limiting sugar and fats can lead to a much healthier and happier life.

But what we feed on can’t be limited to just what’s good for our bodies. The Bible tells us that God’s Word, indeed Jesus Himself, is the bread of life (Jn 6:35). He is, if you will, a full-bodied bread that is rich, nutritious and extremely satisfying. The Bread of Life feeds our spirits and makes them strong, healthy and more Godly.

Unlike food for our bodies, we can never over indulge on the Word of God or our time spent in intimate relationship with Jesus, and no matter how little or how much we feast on this Bread of Life, He will always satisfy us, and never harm us. I encourage you to have a regular diet of God’s Word and intimacy with Jesus daily. You’ll not only feel better, but your life will be far more satisfying for it.