Kathleen McCarty

Broken Yet Blessed

It’s About Relationship.

This week we examine a worldview that is pervasive in our culture, and that is hedonism. Hedonism is the belief that the only thing that really matters in life is how we feel. It’s a feel good, be comfortable and have fun mentality taken to its extreme.

Adopting this worldview means that you will spend your life looking for the next warm and fuzzy, the next techie gadget to make taking care of the mundane of life more expedient, the next high to make your life more fun. It’s a never-ending roller coaster ride that gratifies for the moment, but always leaves us yearning for more.

But the Bible asks us this question, and adds a warning to follow: “Are you addicted to thrills? What an empty life. The pursuit of pleasure is never satisfied” (Prov 21:17). God wants to help us have a rich, exciting and satisfying life. That’s why He encourages us to delight ourselves in Him, because He satisfies our deepest longings.

That deep longing, whether we can readily identify it, or not, is not about things or fun. It’s about relationship. We were created for relationship, with God and others. God made us to know and experience the joys and pleasures of meaningful relationships, but when we’re so caught up in making sure we always feel good, and that feeling is dependent upon what we do, not who we are and who we are in relationship with, we will never experience God’s best for us.

Now some of you may be thinking that to be in relationship with God is terribly restrictive. But that’s not true either. The Bible tells us that Jesus came to give us a full, rich and overflowing life, (Jn 10:10), and I can assure you as someone who is continually learning how to be in relationship with the Lord, it is the most pleasurable and freeing experience I could ask for.

Feelings are fickle and they change from day to day, sometimes moment to moment. But God never changes and everything He is, and everything He offers us, is good and deeply satisfying