Kathleen McCarty

Broken Yet Blessed

The Big Picture

How many times, as a parent, have you heard that familiar voice from the other end of the house calling out for you? “Mom, where are you?” “Mom, can you come here a minute?”  Unless you were involved in something that absolutely couldn’t be interrupted, you stopped whatever it was you were doing to answer the call of your child.

How many times have you arrived upon the scene only to discover that your child’s request was something that you knew was not in his best interest at that particular moment, soliciting from you a “no.”

Your love for your child requires you to see a bigger picture than what he’s able to see in his youth and immaturity.

And when you say “no,” how often have you heard the familiar refrain, “But if you loved me, ….”

The Bible tells us that God our Father is always attentive to our call. In fact, He tells us to call on Him in any given moment, and He will be there to hear and to answer (Ps 91:15; Jer 33:3).

Just like any good parent, our God sees a bigger picture than what we do, and sometimes He has to do exactly the same thing to us as we have had to do to our own children – He’s had to say “no” to our request.

It’s certainly not that God doesn’t care; it’s not that He wants to deny us anything. It’s because He loves us so deeply that He won’t always give us what we think we need or want because it’s simply not in our long-term best interest. I wonder how many of us, in that moment, have done exactly what our children have done, and have blamed God for not loving us.

You love your children, even when you say no. God loves you, and will always love you, even if sometimes the answer to your request is “no.”