Kathleen McCarty

Broken Yet Blessed

Your Prince of Peace

I was in a deep and sound sleep one night when an incredibly loud thunderclap awakened me. Once I was awake, I had trouble falling asleep again, but it wasn’t because of the storm going on outside. Instead, there was a storm brewing in me. My mind began to race, conjuring up all kinds of thoughts about the potential harms that could befall my family and me. The more I thought, the more anxious I felt.

Then I remembered a story from the Bible. Jesus and His disciples got caught in a terrible storm while crossing a lake. The thunder and lightning became fierce and the winds grew more ferocious. Their small boat was being tossed back and forth on the waves. The disciples were panicky. And all the while, Jesus continued to sleep soundly in the bow of the boat, totally unmoved by the potential for harm.

The disciples woke Jesus. When He saw how troubled and frightened they were, Jesus stood up in the boat and commanded the storm. “Peace, be still,” He said. The rain stopped, the winds ceased, and all was well in their world once again.(Luke 8: 22-25)

Do the storms of life keep you distracted and feeling anxious? Remember, Jesus says He is the Prince of Peace. He can and will calm the storms of your life if you let Him.
The Word of God tells us “Don’t let your heart be troubled … nothing is impossible with God (Jn 14:1; 16:33) When Jesus is Lord of your life, He can and will bring peace to your troubled world.